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Well Woman Exam Specialist

Medinet Family Care Clinic

Urgent Care located in Houston, TX

Gynecological issues affect women on a daily basis, be them minor like pelvic inflammation or extremely severe like ovarian cancer. At Medinet Family Care Clinic in Houston, Texas, the team offers comprehensive well-woman exams to women and girls of all ages to keep their gynecological health in check. Our team has four female providers (two nurses, and two physician assistants) that can be available for well woman exams. If you’re due for an exam or would like to learn more about what they entail, schedule an appointment today by phone or through the online booking tool.

Well-Woman Exam

What is a well-woman exam?

A well-woman exam refers to a series of screenings and examinations that test for potential health conditions in women.

Otherwise called a gynecological exam, a well-woman exam has the goal of identifying issues at their early stages and determining the need for treatment.

During your well-woman exam, the team creates a safe space for you to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have about your gynecological health.

Why are well-woman exams important?

You should think of a well-woman exam the same way that you think of an annual physical. Well-woman exams are routine, and the team uses them to assess the nature of your symptoms.

Well-woman exams are an integral part of your preventive care plan, catching issues before they turn into something more significant, and recommending treatment early to prevent devastating symptoms.

When should I start getting well-woman exams?

The team at Medinet Family Care Clinic recommends that you start scheduling well-woman exams between the ages of 13 and 15. When you schedule an early-teen well-woman exam, you can expect a physical exam, an external genital exam, and menstruation education.

Dr. Gandhi can also provide essential immunizations, like the HPV vaccine, and give you important information about birth control and STD testing.

What happens during an adult well-woman exam?

When you turn 21, your well-woman exams become a bit more extensive.

During your appointment with the practice you can expect a pelvic and breast exam, as well as a Pap test and regular STD screenings in addition to the physical examination. For better results, the provider will also study your personal and family medical history to understand the progress of your overall health.

Pap tests involve the swabbing of your cervix to collect a sample of the cells inside. This swab can quickly detect the presence of cervical cancer by detecting any abnormalities in the cervical cells. If you’re over the age of 30, the provider might also perform an HPV test simultaneously.

As you age, well-woman exams become important transitional medical exams that both prepare you for menopause and track your postmenopausal gynecological health.

Schedule your well-woman exam today. Call the office or go online to book an appointment.