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Keeping You and Your Family Healthy This Summer

Summer is the time for having fun with friends and family. Staying healthy helps ensure you and your family make the most of this fun time of year. At Medinet Family Care Clinic, our medical staff is here to help keep you healthy or help get you back to being healthy if you get sick.

At our southwest Houston medical clinic, we provide numerous medical services to keep your health in great condition. Our medical physicians and staff are able to address various issues concerning internal medicine, allergy testing and therapy, as well as performing immigration exams.


During the summer, there are many typical ways people end up getting sick. Here are some of the more common illnesses that impact people of all ages during the summer and how to combat them:

  • Dehydration: This is very common for people of all ages. In Houston, we all know how hot it can become. When you are sweating and not putting any fluids (like water and Gatorade) back into your body, this can cause dehydration. If you are drinking only sodas or alcohol, these work as diuretics and can quickly cause dehydration, which can lead to worse conditions.
  • Heat Stroke: A heat stroke can actually be deadly. There are a number of symptoms that show heat stroke, like overheating, racing heart rate, headache, and vomiting. You can avoid a heat stroke by making certain you are properly hydrated. Protecting yourself against sunburn by using sunblock or avoiding the sun’s rays by utilizing the shade is another method to avoid heat stroke. If you take certain medications, be sure to use precaution and know your limits, especially in the sun and with outdoor activities.
  • Sunburn: Sunburns are very common, but some sunburns can be very bad for your health in the short- and long-term. Being out in the sun for hours without any protection can cause serious burns. Using sunblock and reapplying it according to the directions is necessary. Also, staying in the shade on occasion is helpful.


If you or your family experience any of these issues, come to Medinet Family Care Clinic for help. Our medical staff is always ready to help get you back in good health.


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