How to Prepare for Your Immigration Physical

How to Prepare for Your Immigration Physical

Applying for a permanent resident card (the so-called “green” card) or United States citizenship can be an overwhelming process, but we can help with your immigration physical. This important part of your immigration journey involves specific paperwork required by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Dr. Bharat Gandhi of  Medinet Family Care Clinic in Houston, TX, has authorization from the USCIS to perform immigration physicals. If you need an immigration physical, getting organized in advance can make your appointment go a lot easier. Here’s what you need for your exam. 

Bring your paperwork

The first step in preparing for your immigration physical involves having the proper paperwork, including a government-issued photo ID and your Form I-693.

Form I-693 is an official USCIS document. You get it completed to show that you’re in good health and don’t haven’t any conditions that could harm others, such as:

During your exam, we report our findings on this form. We also provide you with two copies: one for your records, and the other in a sealed envelope for USCIS. Do not open this envelope or break its seal because it can invalidate your Form I-693.

Organize your health information

When you have an immigration physical, we review your personal and medical history, all of your medications, and your overall physical health. To help with this process, we recommend bringing:

As part of your immigration physical, we also perform a comprehensive physical exam that includes a complete blood panel, chest X-rays, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis. 

We can also provide vaccinations and treatment for acute or chronic diseases, including minimally invasive procedures and further diagnostic testing. 

Prepare your payment

There isn’t a cost for your Form I-693, but you do have to pay for your immigration physical. We recommend checking with our office beforehand to discuss cost and payment options. If you have insurance, check with us in advance to confirm that you’re covered, and bring your insurance card to your appointment.

For more information on getting an immigration physical, call our Houston office at 281-564-3300, or request an appointment online.

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