Get Your Immigration Exam Done Today

Are you preparing to receive your green card or citizenship? If so, then you need to make sure you complete your immigration exam. Our medical clinic in southwest Houston provides immigration exams for many immigrants in the Greater Houston area.

Our medical staff will provide you the necessary copy of information from the results of your examination. This will include all pertinent information required by the state and federally. Our exams will test for transmittable diseases, including DT, DTP, DTaP, Td, Tdap, OPV, IPV, MMR, Hib, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, varicella, pneumococcal influenza, rotavirus and meningococcal disease.

We work with all of our patients to make certain they are in good physical health. If a condition is found, we will work to administer the correction medicine or refer the patient to the correct facility to address the illness.


Taking care of your immigration exam will provide you with peace of mind. It is very important to prove that you are healthy and do not pose a medical liability to your immediate community.

Our immigration exams are conducted in a seamless manner. Our medical staff works hard to make every patient feel right at home. We are certain to every question and address every concern a patient or their family member may have. This is why we have several staff members who speak Spanish, as well as Hindi, Urdu, and Gujarati. We want to make sure that every patient has the opportunity to ask questions about their results and the immigration exam itself.


If you or a family member requires an immigration exam in order to fulfill their green card or citizenship application, then schedule an appointment with our family medical clinic. We are located in southwest Houston near Sugar Land. There is no need to postpone the required examination. Our medical staff looks forward to assisting you and your family with this important step.

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