Annual Health Exams for All Ages at Medinet

annual health exams at Houston's Medinet Clinic

Why would you see a doctor when you’re not feeling sick? Many people struggle to find the time to see their doctor when they are sick, much less not feeling sick at all. Annual health exams can fall by the wayside; but for those over 50 years old, it is an important part of your continuing care.


Annual health exams, even at a younger age, allow our doctors to get to know your health a bit better. Your annual exam helps provide ongoing health information and family history, so our doctors can know what hereditary issues to keep an eye on in the future. If you are under the age of 50 and in relatively good health, you may be able to skip a year or two. However, if your insurance covers an annual exam (many do) it is worthwhile to make an appointment with our medical clinic every year to keep you feeling your best.

Annual health exams can also help keep track of your healthy, or not so healthy, habits and how they change throughout time. Developing a long term relationship with our doctor means you are more likely to be honest about your habits. Honestly reporting things like smoking, drinking, and exercise habits at your annual exam lets our medical clinic keep track of how these various aspects may effect your long term health. As your habits change, we can take note of how your health changes with them. This makes it easier to diagnose health issues as you age and helps us notice when something may be off.


If you are regular about coming in for your annual health exam, it can also be a great time to discuss your ongoing healthcare, like immunizations and health screenings. Scheduling an exam in the fall every year is a great way for us to check up on your health and make sure you are getting your flu shot. Since flu shots are usually covered by insurance, and only $28 without insurance at Medinet, there is no reason to avoid this important health measure.

If it has been awhile since your last annual exam, or if you want to start making annual exams a part of your regular healthcare, contact our Houston medical clinic today to set up a time to come in. Don’t forget to ask about your annual flu shot while you’re in! We look forward to keeping you and your family healthy this year and every year.