Stay Healthy With a Flu Shot at Houston’s Medinet

flu shot at Houston's Medinet

Many people think that just because they are healthy that they don’t need a flu shot. Even if you haven’t gotten the flu in years, this just isn’t true. Everyone should get one annually, even if they are healthy. KEEP HOUSTON HEALTHY WITH AN ANNUAL FLU SHOT Even though the flu shot is not 100% effective, it is still important … Read More

Prevent the Flu at our Houston Medical Clinic

prevent the flu at Houston Medinet Clinic

The best way to treat the flu is to prevent the flu. Whenever this time of year rolls around, your coworkers, kids, and friends come down with the sniffles. Flu is very easily transferred from person to person, so it is important to take every precaution to avoid infection. Focusing on prevention can help you stay healthy this year. PREVENT … Read More

Houston Kids, Do You Have Your Flu Shot?

flu shot at Houston's Medinet Clinic

Sick kids can mean missing important school days, taking time off work, and sometimes many doctors appointments. This season, protect your children from the flu virus by getting a flu shot at Medinet. They are a vital part of keeping children and families healthy, happy, and in school. WHY DO KIDS NEED A FLU SHOT? According to the CDC, children … Read More

Annual Health Exams for All Ages at Medinet

annual health exams at Houston's Medinet Clinic

Why would you see a doctor when you’re not feeling sick? Many people struggle to find the time to see their doctor when they are sick, much less not feeling sick at all. Annual health exams can fall by the wayside; but for those over 50 years old, it is an important part of your continuing care. ANNUAL HEALTH EXAMS … Read More